Saturday, May 7, 2011

[PC] *New Releases* Dwarfs!?, Fortix 2, Beep $8.99. Just in time for Summer Break!

My laptop's AC Adapter died. I set up a temporary rig, well, hijacked my sons computer for the time being. Finals are over and summer break has just begun and will try to update often. I am going to try a new format over the next couple of days, I want to know what you think.


Steam currently has 3 NEW Indie games on sale for $8.99:
  • Dwarfs!? - You are the new overseer for an underground Dwarf base, your job is to manage the small colony and make it as rich as possible while protecting the Town Hall and its essential supply of beer. 5 Game Modes + Sandbox ModeScreenshot 1Screenshot 2
  • Fortix 2 - Reverse tower-defense game. You play as the knight, Sir Fortix, you conquer castles while dodging turrets and defeating evil monsters. 20 Levels + Upcoming DLC Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  • Beep - A 2D side-scrolling platformer with physics-based gameplay. You control a small robot equipped with an anti-gravity device, a jet-pack and a gun. 24 LevelsScreenshot 1 Screenshot 2
That's all for now! Check back often, make sure to follow Hard-Up Gamer to see all my updates.