Saturday, July 2, 2011

[PC] Save 75% on Darksiders on Steam - $4.99

Save 75% on Darksiders™ on Steam. I wanted to get this one posted before the end of the night. I have played it on PS3 and can safely say, it is worth $5, it's worth $10 at least.

[PC] Save 75% on BioShock2 on Steam - $4.99

Bioshock 2 is on Sale for the next 15 hours (from the time of this post). The 4 Pack is available for 14.98. As the Steam Summer Camp Sale continues, I will post my top picks. I now have a new PSU and will be able to supply information on a more regular basis. To all the people who stuck with me while I was out of commission, THANK YOU!