Saturday, February 19, 2011

FREE Magicka Soundtrack/OST

You can download the Soundtrack/OST for the game Magicka from the games website [LINK]. I should also mention that the game is available for only 9.99 on Steam. It is a must buy, its cheap, fun, and addicting. What more could you want?
Edit: I wanted to share the link to download the demo [LINK]

$20 Amazon Credit w/ Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm!

So I'm browsing Amazon, eating a chocolate chip cookie dough pop tart, when I see this: Pre-Order Killzone 3 [PS3] or Bulletstorm [PS3|360] on Amazon and get a $20 credit. Check it out, just use the links below!
Killzone 3
Bulletstorm - Epic Edition

Friday, February 18, 2011

MOBILE Best Buy 10% off coupon.

Just go to this link on your mobile phone and select which coupon you would like to use. It will then display a screen with a coupon code which you show to the cashier. Just select whether you use a regular or silver rewards zone membership from below

10% OFF all regular-priced music, movies, TV-DVDs, toys, video games, video game accessories, PC games, gadgets and eReader accessories (any combination, limit 3) when you use your Reward Zone® program

Enter these on the browser of your mobile phone.

[PC] Sid Meier's Civilization V $29.99 via Steam! Digital deluxe $35.99

Available via Steam [Link]

I can't let this one slip by without mention. The newest of the Civilization series is available on steam for 29.99, that's 40% off the original price.
If you have a little bit extra I would suggest getting the Digital Deluxe version, it includes:

- Bonus Babylon Civilization with leader "Nebuchadnezzar II"
- Behind the Scenes at Firaxis with Civ V video feature
- Game Soundtrack
Extra content **not available on mac**

If you don't already know, this game is a MUST HAVE. The DLC bundle is not on sale, but with the money you save on the game, you can afford to get it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

EA Flash Deal for 60% off Medal of Honor!

EA states on their FB Wall that if they get 700 likes on THIS  FB STATUS by 6:00pm PST they will offer the new Medal of Honor and even include **free shipping**! As of this post they are at 678 likes, so this deal will most likely happen. Great deal for anyone looking for a good military FPS. Again, Here is the link (

So, how many of you have MOH? Did it live up to the hype, or was it just another generic first person shooter? Do you think game manufacturers should stop doing remakes of old series and focus on making new titles, or should they keep updating old classics? I want to know what you all think so leave me a comment and make sure you follow me, I am going to try and keep updating at least 2 or 3 times daily.

**UPDATE: Within 15 minutes of me posting this, EA had 715 Likes!   "Enter promo code "GunClub217" at Quantities are limited so act QUICKLY!" This deal is for US only.

PSP 2000/3000 Sound Dock & Power Pack $14.99

This is a killer deal on Amazon!
 [ link ]

The power packs are great if you have kids that use their PSP on a regular basis, or if its used in the car a lot  I dont have any experience with this dock, but the average customer rating on Amazon is 4/5 stars.

[XBOX 360] Alan Wake download code $9.72 - via amazon

This is a full game download code available through a 3rd party vendor.
2.73 (code) + 6.99 shipping
You need 6.3GB of free space and an internet connection to download the game.The 1st DLC *IS NOT* included, just to let you know.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New ciematic trailer for Alice: Madness Returns

I haven't seen any worthwhile deals all day. So,here is the new cinematic trailer for Alice: Madness Returns. So far it seems to have an out-there story line that is unpredictable, and keeping in line with the last Alice it promises to have creepy twists and turns throughout the way. The title will be available for PS3 and XBOX360. Still no confirmation as to whether there will be a PC version, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Here is the trailer:

I still want to wait to see a gameplay video of this, but if its anything like the last Alice, it will be a great title to pick up.. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
[Link to the official Alice website]
*edit: I had to fix the video, it was way too big. fixed the link also

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey, I'm on Blogger!

Hello blogger community! My name is MikeD a.k.a HardUpGamer, this blog will contain the best deals for video games from around the web. I will also include the occasional rave or rant. I enjoy playing first person shooters, tower defense, racing, and casual games.The two games I am currently playing are Team Fortress 2 and a working title called Revenge of The Titans.

Team Fortress 2 is a great game for people who like fast pace, balanced game play, with heavy community involvement. Think of it as if Disney/Pixar created a first person shooter. TF2 will always be a part of my life, it is one of the biggest games on steam and I believe it will remain so for quite some time. (

Revenge if The Titans is a tower defense game that I picked up with the Humble Indie Bundle and have been playing for the last few days. One of the things I like about it is the arcade style graphics. Upgrades are purchased between each level and the game throws more powerful "Titans" at you all the time. Very challenging and fast paced game play make for a fun, addicting game. While it is still in BETA, it is a must have for people who are fans of the genre and casual gamers alike. (