Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New ciematic trailer for Alice: Madness Returns

I haven't seen any worthwhile deals all day. So,here is the new cinematic trailer for Alice: Madness Returns. So far it seems to have an out-there story line that is unpredictable, and keeping in line with the last Alice it promises to have creepy twists and turns throughout the way. The title will be available for PS3 and XBOX360. Still no confirmation as to whether there will be a PC version, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Here is the trailer:

I still want to wait to see a gameplay video of this, but if its anything like the last Alice, it will be a great title to pick up.. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
[Link to the official Alice website]
*edit: I had to fix the video, it was way too big. fixed the link also


  1. :D Looks sweet! Bloody alice!

  2. Awww come on. The whole "Let's make Alice dark" thing is really exploitive.
    Would be much nicer if people just thought of something original then just putting eyeliner on things they grew up with.

    "Hey I got this idea, it's Fraggle Rock, except they start hunting the Dozers and acting like ninjas that worship an old god"

    Just that easy.

  3. This game looks crazy!