Sunday, July 1, 2012

[PC STEAM] Zombie Driver $1.99

Okay, a little about this game. The first hour or so it's brutal. You are smashing every un-living thing in sight and upgrading like crazy. Unless you are pretty heavily armored mid to late game, it is not as fun and can be a little daunting completing each task.. The graphics, concept, and gameplay are good. This game is worth it at the price, a good amount of gameplay time is contained but there is not much of a replay factor.

I would give it about 4.25/10 Bullets to the head.  Even still, it is worth every penny on Steam right now at only $1.99.

Here is a short gameplay video:

So, I want your input. What do you think about Zombie Driver? Do you like it or loathe it? Have you stayed up for hours playing it or did you pick it up on the cheap in a Steam sale and play less than an hour. We want to know what you think. I for one played it for around 2 hours, it's just not my thing. But 1.99 is definitely not a bad deal on this kind of casual game

Get Zombie Driver right now on Steam for only $1.99!