Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[PC] Need for Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed $24.95

Direct 2 Drive : Midweek Munchies

Need for Speed SHIFT 2 is a great game,a must have if you played its predecessors or anyone who loves fast paced racing games. Realistic physics have added a dimension to the SHIFT series that I haven't seen in previous NFS titles. Create a driver profile, buy new cars, and race your way to the top. In staying true to it's nature SHIFT 2 has over the top car customization including the option to tweak performance options yourself (tire size, weight distribution, aerodynamics, etc.) Gameplay Video

Need for Speed Shift 2 $24.95 on Direct 2 Drive


  1. Oh, I liked the first Shift because of those lights on the floor, that helped me to learn when to brake. But I would prefer to buy the one with police chases.

  2. nfs is not what it used to be...